We are able to open and service all types of safes including (but not limited to): Fire and Data Safes, Antique Safes, B and C Rate Safes (Including Residential and Commercial), High Security Safes including TL-15, TL-15×6 TL-30, TL-30×6, TRTL-30, and TRTL60x6, ATM’s, and Fire and Plate Vaults.

Many times, a locked safe can be opened without drilling; however, hands on diagnosis is required to determine whether or not this is possible. There are situations that require the safe to be drilled. Drilling (safe opening) done by a qualified technician does not destroy the safe and after repair, shows little or no evidence.

In addition to the training, skills and experience required, some of the tools we use to perform safe opening include: Borescopes, Drilling Rigs, Carbide, Diamond and High Speed Drills and Specialized Keylock Picks

Safe Service / Safe Maintenance / Safe Repair

Anything with moving parts requires maintenance. Safes are not an exception. Lack of maintenance leads to more complicated safe repairs in the future. The following are some of the things that are done during a routine safe service:

-Check all fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts, roll pins, etc.) to ensure they are secure.

-Check safe door and hinges for excessive wear and/or sagging

-Inspect safe handle and shaft (arbor) for cracks and wear.

-Lubricate all appropriate points

-If the safe lock is mechanical, disassemble, clean, lubricate and reassemble the safe lock.

Does your safe need a replacement handle, hinge, lock or other part ? If a replacement part is unavailable or no longer made for your safe, we can handle the replacements.